Veterans Day Recognition November 10, 2 PM

        309 Locust Street, Wrightsville, PA 17368

                           Museum Porch

            Light refreshments Everyone invited,

                       Especially Veterans!

The diorama at Wrightsville dates from 1991 when the building that houses this museum was given to Historic Wrightsville. The building had been a post office, a barbershop, and a stove store. In 1996, the diorama opened thanks to gifts from many residents and organizations.
The diorama depicts a story of adventure and history. It tells of the Confederate soldiers under General John B. Gordon, who reached Wrightsville in June 1863 and sought a way across the Susquehanna River: the last major obstacle between them and the riches of Pennsylvania, including the cities of Philadelphia and Harrisburg. It is the story of a partially trained militia, using makeshift fortifications and their initiative to stop the Confederates. Finally, it tells of the burning of the Wrightsville-Columbia Bridge, one of the longest covered bridges in the world, in an effort to stop the eastern advance of Lee’s army.
The guides at the diorama are a very knowledgeable group of volunteers, who would be happy to answer your questions regarding the role of Wrightsville in our Nation’s civil war.